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Cinema Latte Productions would be nothing without our amazing team of creators. 


Erin Jones Wesley

Consulting Producer

I am currently working for Lionsgate's motion picture group after graduating with my MFA from the American Film Institute Conservatory in 2020. I am an award-winning short film producer and non-profit co-founder of The 42 Initiative (@club_42).

My fave coffee is a vanilla latte with oat milk.

Mark J Labella


I am the head writer and showrunner of Argentum Studio's “MisDiagnosed,” a show based on my medical experiences as a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman. Upon completing enlistment, I joined the WGA Veteran Writing Program and the United States Veterans' Artists Alliance.

My fave coffee is an Aztec latte from Amara Coffee.

Federico Torri


I'm an Italian composer and music producer whose works have been performed worldwide, including by Abu Dhabi’s “NSO Symphony Orchestra” and the “Sanremo Symphony Orchestra.” While studying at USC for my Masters of Music, I composed for the 2019 Student Academy Award-winning animation “TWO” before working for Netflix and joining Heimat Films.

I don't drink coffee, but if I had to choose . . . an iced macchiato.

Jordan Kessler

Social Media Producer

I’m an actress, writer, and director that graduated from USC with a BA in theater and minor in cinema on a full-tuition merit scholarship. My resume includes an immersive production of "Hamlet" and a political science research and game design presentation at the Czech Academy of Sciences "Play and Democracy" conference.

My fave coffee is a
 London fog.

Jay Borgwardt

Sound Designer

I'm an interactive media designer at the University of Southern California that creates full-scale interactive installations using 3D depth tracking and projection mapping. I'm a firm believer that technology should be accessible to as many people as possible, and that it is the responsibility of media creators to work towards inclusivity and accessibility.

My fave coffee is an
iced vanilla chai.

Tyler Mitchell

Social Media Producer

I am a dramedy/sports writer that completed my BA in Cinema and Television with a minor in Sports Journalism from Morehouse College before going on to work at TV One, Fox, and Tri Destined Studios. I love reading and writing scripts, and I am  thrilled to bring my passion for storytelling to Cinema Latte.

I honestly don’t like coffee, but I love cold or room temp water!

Jasmyne Bell

Social Media Producer

I am a recent graduate of Biola University with a BA in Journalism. While my background is primarily in editorial, I’m very passionate about film and storytelling. I’ve worked as a journalist for "The Hollywood Reporter" and No Film School. 

My fave coffee is an
iced vanilla chai.

Marc Van Holt


I’m a cinematographer, director, editor and a VFX artist based in Los Angeles, Cali. I’m currently an MFA student at USC in my third and final year. I’m seriously stoked to be part of this creative team.

My fave coffee is a skinny vanilla latte.

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