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Founded by Kelly Chen and Lorraine Wheat in partnership with Erin Jones Wesley, Cinema Latte Productions is a women-led production company that oversees the creation of multimedia from development to post-production. 

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We oversee the creation of diverse stories from development to post


Racial and political tensions in the U.S. were brewing for a long time when finally everything boiled over. COVID-19 hit and George Floyd was mercilessly killed by officers Derek Chavin, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane with Officer Tou Thao witnessing. Black Lives Matter protests erupted all over the nation, and Cinema Latte Productions was born. 

While drinking lots of coffee, Kelly and I formed Cinema Latte Productions to tell human-driven dramas and romances targeted at Gen Z and Millennials. The café latte first originated in Italy when coffee lovers would add espresso to warmed, frothy milk. Like all great ideas, the latte traveled the globe and diverse perspectives evolved the latte into the delectable Indian tea known as the masala chai before inspiring Seattle, Washington’s latte artisan movement. Like the latte, Kelly and I are striving to tell stories that spawn movements empowering People of Color to unite. 

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Our stories center People of Color while awakening the minds and warming the souls of those culture-thirsty fanatics seeking short-form and long-form digital content.

Unspoken Vows

A Cinema Latte, & USC Voices & Visions Production 

Cigarettes and Eggs

A University of Southern

California Production

Searching for Justice in LA

A University of Southern

California Production

Black Women for Wellness

A Creative Visions Production

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